The Importance of Downspouts & Splash Blocks

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Downspouts and splash pads are not trending on social media, but if you're a homeowner, this topic is really important. When you think about your home's rain gutter system, you probably think to check if the gutters are clogged with leaves and pay attention to see if water overruns the edge of the gutter for signs of blocked flow. What may not be so obvious is a clogged downspout or even the absence of a splash pad. Broken splash pads can also be problematic.


Downspouts can become more of a hazard than a help for a few reasons. This part of your rain gutter system deserves as much attention as any other part of your rain gutter system, as a dysfunctional downspout can lead to water damage to the roofline or to the home. Problems with the downspout can also cause the runoff to miss the splash pad and lead to erosion around your home's foundation. Some common issues that occur with downspouts are separation between downspout sections, crushed sections that choke off the flow and cause small debris to collect and lead to an obstruction, and overgrowth of grass and weeds around the outflow of the downspout. Overgrowth problems are commonly associated with missing splash pads and poor lawn maintenance.

Splash Blocks

Splash pads are essential to your rain gutter system and protect your home's foundation from water running from the roof. That is a lot of responsibility for one little component of a rain gutter system, but it's true. Cracked, broken, or missing splash pads leave the soil under the outflow of your rain gutter system. This can lead to unpredictable water runoff, causing erosion around your home's foundation and interfering with the health of surrounding plant life due to oversaturation. Another common issue with splash pads is that they are not being broken or missing but getting knocked out of place so they no longer sit under the downspout outflow, which could easily be missed without looking when you walk by.

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